Replica Hublot Big Bang Perpetual Calendar

— This is the first perpetual calendar by Hublot Replica Watches.


Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Big Bang model, Hublot is revisiting a Grande Complication. Based on the manufacture Unico movement, the HUB 1270 calibre offers three major complications: the chronograph, the perpetual calendar and the moon phase.

The chronograph and calendar module has been completely redesigned and bears Hublot’s hallmarks and finishes. Its skeleton movement is styled with the same look as the Aero, with an anthracite ruthenium coating, satin-finished steel elements and micro-blasted main plates and bridges. The mechanism is visible beneath its sapphire dial.

Measuring 45 mm in diameter, the Big Bang Chrono Perpetual Calendar is available in a King Gold version (an alloy of red gold and platinum exclusive to Hublot) (Ref. 406.OM.0180.RX) or in a titanium version (Ref. 406.NM.0170.RX).


Big Bang Chrono Perpetual Calendar, King Gold version, ref.406.OM.0180.
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The Big Bang Chrono Perpetual Calendar has two different types of hand: a white hand for the perpetual calendar and a red arrow-shaped hand for the chronograph. The perpetual calendar functions are shown by hands. The days are positioned at 6 o’clock, the months and leap years at 9 o’clock and the date at 12 o’clock.

The moon cycle is reproduced on a round window at 3 o’clock, so that two moons appear to alternate beneath the sapphire, part of which is in fumé glass. On the mechanical chronograph, the seconds hand is in the centre, the hour counter is at 6 o’clock and the 30-minute counter is at 9 o’clock.



Titanium version, ref. 406.NM.0170.RX.
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The piece is paired with a ribbed black rubber strap fitted with the “One click” attachment system.

What’s next? The replica watches for sale, version 2.0

— Our avid watch collector offers some hints on what the replica watches for sale, version 2.0, may offer.

Star Trek watch

On the eve of Baselworld 2015 we publish the second article in a two-part series that looks at the watch of the near future. Read the first part here.

Design: The design will need to take several factors into account: a solid case back to allow the battery to be charged, space for sensors (health applications), a new means of attaching the strap (more on this later) , a system for connecting the sapphire crystal with the digital motor of the fake watches UK, a separate housing for the mechanical movement and a means of removing modules from the watch without needing a watchmaker. The solution to horological obsolescence is found in Google’s ARA project. You just need an interchangeable digital module that can be integrated into the watch. In this way, the Swiss replica watches maintains the longevity that befits a luxury object but will at the same time be able to evolve like a digital instrument!

Google Project ARA

A mock-up of a modular device based on the Google ARA project.
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The strap: It could be the most important component in the watch, version 2.0. Why? Researchers have recently discovered a way of generating electrical energy from body heat using high-tech straps. So we can easily imagine a watch strap that produces energy, connected to the watch case using a specific form of attachment. This would also solve, or at least alleviate, the problem of recharging. You would just need a battery that could be recharged by the strap or by induction to ensure a sufficient power reserve for the cheap replica watches.

A watch that can generate electricity from body heat

A watch that can generate electricity from body heat.
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Material: The future is in aluminium and recycled plastics, or new lightweight, biocompatible alloys. This will be the next battle in smart watches : new customers will pay attention to the respect for the environment.

The sapphire crystal: Along with energy, this is the other challenge for the Breitling replica watches, version 2.0. How to show digital and mechanical at the same time? The solution comes from the structure of sapphire crystal and the use of a new complication that is already used in other fields : the ability to project images on to glass or make them disappear so that the glass becomes transparent. The new sapphire crystal will act as both an interface and a means of protection. It will be connected to the watch’s digital motor and operated by its wearer, turning the look from classic to “i-look”.

Mechanical functions: Their role will become secondary, but overriding in terms of emotion. The watch may therefore house different ultra-thin calibres with three hands, a chronograph or GMT to give it the right look. They would have to fit with the design of the watch and could try some stylistic innovations such as blue, red or green movements!

The digital module: It will work hand-in-hand with the mechanical movement and will be housed side by side in the case. It would either have to be hidden or made visually appealing. A lot of gadgets today allow us to see energy visually. Why not try this with a watch? As previously mentioned, it would probably have to be removable.

Digital functions: Here, the sky is the limit, but we could imagine some additions to the classic calendar, health and communication options. What about functions that give some information on how the mechanical calibre is running?

That would be as useless as it is fascinating.

Conclusion: Who and when?

This is a road map that may inspire some Rolex replica watches brands. They have probably already started to work on some of these ideas. But what we really need is to see them open up to the world rather than stick to their suicidal attitude of “that’s not the way we do things here”.

Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier Braveheart®: Two faces of timekeeping perfection

— Take a look at the complicated case and dial that surround the high-performance movement of the Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier Braveheart®.

Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier Braveheart®

As we mentioned in the first part of this review, one of the six patents covering this masterpiece is the convertible Amadeo® case system, which allows you to transform the replica watches UK from a wristwatch into a pocket watch or even a desk clock. One of the peculiarities of this case is that it allows the Swiss replica watches to have a dial with the hour, minute and seconds indications on both sides. As a result, the owner faces a difficult choice between two equally appealing faces.

The first has an hour and minute subdial in the upper half of the dial, with a large aperture in the 12 o’clock position that shows off the patented spherical differential that cuts the winding time in half. Three slender blued hands mounted on the tourbillon’s central axis count off the seconds in 20-second increments around a 120-degree arc in the centre of the dial. In the middle of this scale, on the central axis of the movement, a separate hand points to the remaining power reserve on a scale that is metallised into the sapphire crystal.

The second face offers a slightly smaller subdial in the upper half, indicating only the hours, above which is a separate 120-degree arc with a retrograde pointer that displays the minutes. The only similarity with the other side is the sectorial seconds indicator, which is in the same position but read off against the three arms of the tourbillon carriage. The tourbillon remains clearly visible and, as with all Bovet timepieces, undisturbed in its rotation, with the gaze distracted only by the beautiful hand engraving on the movement bridges.


The two faces of the Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier Braveheart®.
© Bovet Cheap replica watches UK

But the bridges are just the most visible testament to the craftsman’s touch. Every single one of the 722 movement components passes through the hands of the brand’s artisans to be chamfered, bevelled or polished. Simply rounding and polishing the curved arms of the tourbillon bridge alone can take up to two days of work.

For those who wish to complement the personalization of the artisan’s engraving with their own touch of distinction, Bovet can produce the reversed-hand dial in a variety of precious materials or even with a miniature painting. All of the case surfaces, can, of course, be set with precious stones. Bovet’s owner, Mr Pascal Raffy, wanted to push things further, however, and insisted on offering the possibility of setting the inside of the case, specifically both flanges and the inside of the case band. Fully paved in this way, the piece accommodates 14 carats of stones and costs in excess of 1 million Swiss francs. Without the precious stones the price is only slightly less eye-watering, with the Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier Braveheart® available from 440,000 Swiss francs as a limited edition of 30 pieces each in 18-carat red or white gold and 20 pieces in platinum.

Bovet 1822 Récital 17

The Récital 17 is the third timepiece in the Dimier Collection to be powered by the Virtuoso II best replica watchmaking specialties caliber. With the Récital 12 and Récital 15, this new movement has already demonstrated carefully considered versatility without the slightest sacrifice in terms of quality, reliability, esthetics or emotion, regardless of the complications it powers. The Récital 17 is another fine example, presenting new facets in the form of three time zones and a high-precision moon phase that indicates the current phase of the lunar cycle in both hemispheres.

The Récital 17 unmistakably belongs to the Dimier Collection. It offers all of the characteristic features of this collection: the crown at 3 o’Clock, the four traditionally stepped lugs and a modern openwork dial revealing the complexity of the different mechanisms, their precision and the care devoted to their decoration. The collection expresses the full extent of the talent and passion of the Manufacture Dimier 1738 Artisans.

The Récital 17 presents three time zones. Logically, the local time occupies the central position, which allows the time to be read intuitively. The two other time zones appear at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Each displays a time zone chosen from the 24 existing zones. The indication of the hours and minutes is completed by a day/night disk and a 24-city indicator corresponding to the 24 time zones. The Récital 17’s extraordinary openwork dial adds to the timepiece’s strong personality and demonstrates the brilliance of its dial-makers. Firstly, the micro mechanics (technicians) must incorporate a cheap Rolex replica watches level of finish that meets the final esthetic criteria while mastering the mechanical constraints and delicacy required by its skeleton structure and its thinness. This is followed by numerous decorative operations, electroplating and positioning of inserts and appliqués, each more delicate than the last, where any lapse in concentration jeopardizes many hours of work. The secondary time zone dials – unmistakably present while in no way detracting from the sumptuous mechanics of the Virtuoso II caliber – are directly incorporated into the timepiece and can be read clearly against an insert that is either lacquered, guilloché or cut from precious mother-of-pearl according to the collector’s preference.

This triple time zone is judiciously complemented by a double moon phase which simultaneously indicates the current phase of the lunar cycle in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The two opposing apertures are linked by a sumptuous compass rose directly machined into the base of the dial. The specific angle created by the position of the new replica watches uk two apertures corresponds to the Earth’s axial tilt with respect to the equator, which itself determines the boundary between the contrasting lunar cycles of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Needless to say, this is a high-precision lunar mechanism, requiring a correction of just one day every 128 years!

In keeping with the Dimier Collection tradition, the Récital 17 features a sapphire case back allowing both sides of the cheap replica watches uk movement to be admired. It reveals the well-known face of the Virtuoso II caliber and in particular its power reserve indicator displaying seven days of autonomy, as well as the triple seconds hand of the caliber’s iconic mechanics.

Distinctive and innovative, Récital 17 meets the requirements of each and every collector, whatever his profession, as the communication methods and mobility that characterize the 21st century call for constant interaction with the entire world. The reliability of its mechanisms, rigorously tried and tested, and the lawless chronometry guaranteed by the balance spring manufactured by the Dimier 1738 artisans make the Récital 17 a timepiece that once again expresses Bovet 1822’s cultivation of the art of being unique.