Yellow Gold And Green Rolex Day-Date 118138 Copy Watches UK Discounted For New 2017

Rolex uses green color for dials and straps and 18ct yellow gold for cases. This design is suitable for elegant ladies. Rolex Day-Date fake watches with green dials are driven by Cal. 3155, certified by COSC. The self-winding mechanical movements are manufactured by Roles itself completely and equipped with special devices for week and date indicators. They have similar structures with other oyster movements that ensure the reliability and precision.


The movements with paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairsprings can resist the shocks and temperature changes. The power reserve is approximate 48 hours. Their functions are also innovative and reliable. People can read the time and date conveniently. What’s more, there is an indicator showing the day of a week at 12 o’clock. This function makes the watches favored by many important people including country leaders.


Their hour markers and hands are all made of 18ct yellow gold and covered with white luminescence. There is also a ring of Roman numbers at the outermost circle. Rolex replica watches with automatic perpetual movements have 36mm yellow gold cases with fluted bezels. The whole image is elegant and noble, meeting the women’s taste.